Thank you for a great run.  I am currently re-tooling and no longer booking this show!



A perfect program for:

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Museums
  • Bookstores
  • Family events

Enter the fantastic world of David the Magnificent in his amazing and entertaining interactive kids’ show, BOOKCROBATICS: a Stuntastical Reading-fueled Educational Program.

David LOVES books. He literally flips head-over-heels, shimmies through a chair, and balances books on his chin just to encourage kids to find the same zest for reading. David brings his love of books to life on stage through a fanciful world of basketball stars, professional bowlers, paper dancers and superheroes.

Kids and families will be captivated and delighted as David balances, juggles, dances, and performs acrobatic stunts while humorously telling his own story about his love of books.

Bookcrobatics is a children's entertainment show created and performed by David Harris. This is a great educational kids' show for libraries and schools in Minnesota.